5 Cozy, Vegan Stew & Soup Recipes

Warm up with this collection of delicious, plant-based recipes for brothy soups and hearty stews.


- A knife and cutting board

- A dutch oven or other large pot

- A ladle to scoop up all of the brothy goodness!

You only need a few basic items to get started making soups and stews:

Butter Beans & Mustard Greens

Butter beans bring their satisfying texture, tomatoes add sweetness and umami, and mustard greens lend a little kick to this easy, one-pot stew.

Classic Vegan Split Pea Soup

This savory split pea soup is as comforting and tasty as it is healthy. It's a cheap and delicious soup that hits the spot on a cold day!

Fennel, Chickpea, & Swiss Chard Stew

The caramelized fennel in this light, flavorful stew will make your kitchen smell like heaven.

Collard Greens & Black-eyed Peas

Simple ingredients and minimal hands-on time make this zesty stew an easy choice for a weeknight dinner.

Instant Pot Red Lentil Soup

This recipe is adapted to use the Instant Pot for the bulk of the cooking. No boil, no toil, no trouble, no sweat.

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