5 Cozy Vegan Bread Recipes

Craving carbs?  Check out this collection of bread recipes to get ideas for your next baking adventure!


- A digital food scale

- A food thermometer

- A clay bread baker or dutch oven

You don't need special equipment to bake bread, but a few items will make things easier:

- A stand mixer

Rich, Fluffy Vegan Challah

This golden, light-as-a cloud bread is easy to bake, and a few secret ingredients make it tender, fluffy, and delicious.

Easy, Savory, Vegan Cornbread Muffins

These classic cornbread muffins are perfect for meal prep. They're perfect with chili or black bean soup!

Apple-Ginger Quick Bread

This richly spiced, aromatic quick bread has just a touch of sweetness. It makes a great companion to coffee or tea.

Classic Caraway Rye Bread

In this recipe, aromatic caraway seeds and rustic rye flour join forces to make a hearty, nourishing bread.

Pocket Pita with Teff Flour

Light, fluffy, tasty pita pockets are easy to make at home.  This recipe adds teff flour for a nutty depth of flavor.

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